Sensor Stream

What is Sensor Stream?

Sensor Stream allows you to stream sensor data of pc components like gpu, cpu, ram, storage, etc, of your PC through UDP datagrams or WebSockets.

Download last version for Windows 10

Last version is available for Windows 10 from GitHub.

Sensor Stream Screenshot


Sensor Data

Sensor Stream uses LibreHardwareMonitor as its main library, so all the data that is provided by this library is converted to json and sent through the transports (UDP or WebSockets) at a defined interval. Here is an example of how the data would look like in json.

Sensor Data Example
User Settings - QR Code

It is possible to obtain Sensor Stream user settings from a qr code.

Ideal if your application is external and you want to avoid the user to manually enter ip and ports. It also provides information about enabled hardware and transports.

Settings Example (QR Content)